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As Your Wealth Steward,

We Look After Your Family, Your Financial Life and Your Future

How We Design a Holistic Plan 

That Makes the Most of Your Resources

Thoughtful Process

Your wealth journey is unique from the next family. This is why we follow a unique Learn. Share. Prosper. process that allows us to truly get to know you and develop solutions that are personalized and comprehensive.

Hands-On Guidance

You can always expect to hear from us to update you on your progress or simply to hear how you’re doing. We’re high-touch in facilitating your wealth journey—and proactive in addressing any issues that arise.

Educational Focus

As we work closely with you, we’ll help you understand more about things like the market, volatility and how to make the kind of financial choices that will support your goals.

Our Services

Financial Planning

We are personally committed to helping you plan and make wise decisions through our Learn, Share, Prosper process. We’ll work with you to create an HWM Game Plan™ encompassing all of your goals and objectives. Your plan will also include risk analysis, retirement strategies, estate planning, tax guidance and income solutions.

Retirement Income Planning

During retirement, having a long-term income source is critical. Our team will assist you in creating a plan that considers every component of your income. The goal is to help you maintain your lifestyle and help you plan to leave the kind of legacy you envision.

Investment Management

We believe in a long-term investment strategy that reduces risk while enhancing potential return. This can be accomplished through balanced, diversified portfolios that are diversified between stocks, bonds, and cash investments. Our team is committed to helping you develop the discipline and patience to remain focused on the long-term, even amidst market fluctuations.

How Does Your Current Portfolio Look?

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Asset Preservation

Risk management is the foundation of all financial planning and is essential in providing a comprehensive plan. We will incorporate strategies that consider potential risks and protect you, your wealth and your loved ones.

Multi-Generational Planning

As part of our family-oriented focus, we’ll help you plan for future generations. This type of planning allows you to create a legacy that will exist throughout your lifetime, your children's lifetime and even beyond. We’ll partner with the members of your family to successfully receive and handle wealth.

Tax Planning

We’re committed to helping you make the most of your hard-earned resources. In every aspect of your financial plan, our team will work to identify areas to minimize tax exposure.

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Let Us Help You Experience Your Life 

With Dignity and Greater Clarity

Every life transition has a financial impact. We’re here to sit with you and talk through your options as we align your wealth with what is important to you and your family. In serving as your wealth steward, our goal is to protect and care for your financial life—and see that it takes care of you.

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